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3D Print Camps
Nitnui “3D Printing Camps” are for school students wherein we prepare them with skills they need in order to turn their “IMAGINATIONS into REALITY”. Our Camps will give students a sneak- peek into the process of How a 3D Printer works? How the designs are made? and How it gets 3D Printed?We conduct a 3- 5 days Camp (All over India) for students in their schools to get a hands-on experience of using the 3D Printers & 3D Pens to then turn their Ideas into Reality and rapidly prototype their designs using our COLIDO 3D Printers. Thus, by the end of the Camp, students Learn about the 3D Printing Technology: Design, Slice & 3D Print their own imaginations become confident and enthusiastic enough to operate the 3D Printers all by themselves!

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