Niti Aayog , a Govt. of India Policy Think Tank Commission has taken commendable steps in fostering Innovation in schools of the country. The initiative called Atal Tinkering Lab shall help in inculcating culture of innovation in S.T.E.M – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics -subjects in schools.


Key Features of ATL


"ATL is a work space where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands on do-it-yourself mode; and learn innovation skills. Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). ATL would contain educational and learning ‘do it yourself’ kits and equipment on – science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors and 3D printers and computers. Other desirable facilities include meeting rooms and video conferencing facility.

In order to foster inventiveness among students, ATL can conduct different activities ranging from regional and national level competitions, exhibitions, workshops on problem solving, designing and fabrication of products, lecture series etc. at periodic intervals."


3D Printers as equipment has a prominent role in Tinkering Lab as it allows easy proto typing, product development and supports better understanding of students.


Nitnui Technology with its focus on 3D Printer life long support that it offers along with 3D printer Labs, workshops and Hands-on Learning (HOL) and Application Based Learning (ABL) modules.

Nitnui Technology offers complete 3D Printer Eco-system that meets the requirements of Trainers, Lab Supervisors  and Students.



  • 3D Printer Labs for Schools and Colleges
  • 3D Printer Labs as per ATL for School
  • 3D Printer Labs for Institutional and Research Applications


3D Printer Lab integrations include Hands on Learning (HOL) and   Application Based Learning (ABL) modules in its Workshop Training Delivery.

The Company aligns Workshop delivery with the level and background of students in mind.

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