terms & conditions


  1. This scheme is open for student of class 8th to 12th.
  2. Student can participate individually or in team of two/three (only students, student and one teacher, or student and one parent).
  3. Design should be printable on 3D printers, they can use the following software:- 


    3D max

    Rhino cross

    123 design

    3D auto cad

    Solid works


    Collab CAD (a GOI software)

    Any other software which can be converted in .stl files

  4. Design should look good in appearance, useful in any field such as – Industrial, school projects, gifts, showpieces, studio etc.
  5. Maximum size of design should not exceed 11”x11”x16”and single design file should not exceed 5MB in size.
  6. It should be a practical design.
  7.  Design should not be a copy of designs available on internet whether free or paid.
  8. Student/Team will be allowed to visit our office and print their design on 3D Printer free of cost.
  9. Participants can send a softcopy of design to us or upload it on our website www.nitnui.com through link www.nitnui.com/3Dcom


Criteria for Selection of Designs

    We have panel of 3 Judges including an International Judge and the design will be chosen on the basis of designs convertible in .stl file and printable on 3D printer (FDM technology).


Operation of Scheme

    This competition is open for 3 months. Student/Team can participate every month i.e. from 1st to 31st of the month. In next 7 days we will select 10 design each month incase participants are more than 300 selection will be increased proportionally.

After 3 months of competition we will choose 1st , 2nd and 3rd design out of total 30 designs or more (10 design every month*3) all 30 designs will be printed on 3D printers.

In the selection of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize 40% marks for design and 60% marks for printed 3D product.


Designs will be property of NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd. and will be uploaded on our website which can be downloaded free of cost and can be printed without any charges. NOTE - Participants should send their consent and acceptance for the competition and its terms and condition in written or on mail.




    1ST Prize - Rs 21000 + certificate of participation and 3D printed product of their design.

    2ND Prize - Rs 15000 + certificate of participation and 3D printed product of their design.

    3RD Prize - Rs 10000 + certificate of participation and 3D printed product of their design.

    For remaining 27 designs, each student will get a certificate of participation + 3D printed product of their design free of cost.

Institute/School to participate maximum number of students/team will get 3D printer DIY model free of cost along with materials.