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  • If you do not have a file ready but an image or an idea of your prototype that you want to get printed, our Team can consult and discuss with you.
  • Other than Printing charges , there will be Design Consultation and Designing Charges.
  • To Initiate a Consultation, Rs 500/- per Design shall be charged.
  • Post Consultation, if you approve for Designing Team to go ahead, there will be Designing Charges.
  • Designing charges shall be case to case basis with minimum Rs 1500/- per design charge.
  • Once you approve of the Design (Maximum 3 iterations) , Team shall further Print your Object.


  • Our Team is Expert in Converting a normal 2D Image to a 3D Look a Like Image and Print on a 3D Printer.
  • Be it your marriage picture, Grand parents picture or a picture of your parents. Please make sure that face is highlighted and maximum 2 persons per Image.
  • Output is best with a single Person in the frame.
  • The Output Result is nothing short of a classic Image that comes alive when backlit with a LED Light.
  • The Complete Package is worth Rs 1,300/- Per 4 Inc X 4 Inch back lit Image Plus Packing and Includes Shipping in India.
  • Any Additional Gift Wrapping shall cost Rs 200/- extra. 
  • 3D Photo Printing with a natural OLED Light Plate for a 4 Inch X 4 Inch Plate is worth Rs 4,800/-.
  • The Light has a Natural Warm white color, 40,000 hours Life and Anti Glare with CRI of 93+.​

customized 3d desinging & printing

customized 3d photo printing

customized 3d printing


  • If you have already Conceptualized your Prototype or Design in a 3D Software and have it available in .STL or .OBJ Format , then send us across using the form below.
  • Our Tech Team and Designers shall evaluate the file and get back to you with the feedback and consent seeking for 3D Printing.
  • Once you acknowledge and approve by making an advance payment, your Design shall be printed and shipped at your destination.
  • For 3D Printing Services, cost ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 35 per grammage of Final product and Rs 100/hour on printing , ex work centre (Courier charges extra)
  • Cost shall depend on the type of Filament the product is being printed.
  • The final cost is arrived only after Final printing and shall depend on the filament/material used.
  • The product shall be shipped after the Final Payment.

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